Music of the Day:

Phoenix is not only a hot city to live in, it’s a hot city for bands to emerge.  Gospel Claws is a band that’s going to take off in my humble opinion.  This song, “Don’t Let it Die” gets something going inside me time and time again.   (Bare with the video quality; it’s the only live version I could find.) 

Blog of the Day:

Thought I would add a little humor to your day with this blog.    I think we can all recall when it was family photo day.  How could you forget having to coordinate your outfits with your family so no one “stuck out” in the photo?  It appears these people may have been going for just the opposite.  Hopefully I won’t  stumble across our photo on here… 

Quote of the Day:

“The quality of our packaging is important to us and the information you’ve provided will be helpful in identifying and correcting any possible problems.  Please know that we take these incidents seriously and will follow up promptly with the production facility that filled and distributed the product.”  -Pepsi

Other Inspiration:

Dan Golden ‘s pillow project is not only funny, it’s down right brilliantly hilarious.  (That may not be proper English, but I had to say it.)  Humor on a pillow; it’s the perfect gift to give that hard to buy for unlce of yours.


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