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That’s a Wrap

Music of the Week:

Gordon Lightfoot, anyone…anyone?  Ah yes, another classic from the 70’s.  Sundown has to be one of the most ultimate “kick your feet up and sip on a beer songs while smoking a what?”  Yes you can quote me on that.

Blog of the Week:

You read it right; A Blog About Nothing.  And that is exactly what this blog is about.  Hey, at least it’s not being sugar coated, right?

Quote of the Week:

“What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul.”  -Jesus Christ

Other Inspiration:

I don’t know about you, but this gum sculpture is quite tempting.  Makes me want to dive right into that hole and stick around for a while…literally…


Gooood Friday…

Per suggestion from a good friend of mine,  I have decided to change the format of my blog.  Don’t worry, the same great content will still be here.  And as always, I am open to any suggestions that you may have to make this blog more enjoyable and interesting for you.  After all, this blog is for you my fellow readers.

Music of the Day:

Not only is Phoenix the city great, but Phoenix the band is even better.  “Lisztomania” is the type of a song you will listen to over and over and over and still want to hear it even more. 

Blog of the Day:

Wow…stumbled across Guidespot which had these amazing photos of abandoned and decaying buildings.  I have rarely seen photos of this stature before.  Mad props to the photographer that took these.

Quote of the Day:

“Form follows function – that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union.”   -Frank Lloyd Wright

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”  -Mahatma Gandhi

Other Inspiration:

Since it is Easter, let’s not forget to paint those Easter eggs.  Oh, why  not try something different this year and paint your favorite rock band on em’.  I think these ones are enough to scare the kiddos off so you can get their candy.

Yay, It’s Tuesday…

Highs of the Day:

1.  Going on a hike.

Lows of the Day:

1.  The schnitty weather.   (Yes, you may quote me on that.)

Music of the Day:

Wow, Otis Redding…I think you’ve stolen my heart.  This man’s voice was just so incredibly powerful.  I would have loved to see him perform back in the day.  You can tell his energy just illuminated everywhere.  So tragic that he died right in the height of his career.  He is truly a legend that will forever be remembered.

Blog of the Day:

Indexed is a blog that lets you think more relationally without having to do actual math.  Since I am not much of a math person what-so-ever, I immediately took a liking to this creative approach of viewing things.    I just love all the different little charts that Jessica has come up with.  Take a gander, see what you think…

Other Inspiration:

You better believe it people; it’s a chocolate inhaler.  I don’t know if this could curb my neverending craving for chocolate; but with zero calories for each squirt, it’s definitely worth a shot!

Quote of the Day:

“Being an intellectual creates a lot of questions and no answers.”   -Janis Joplin


Highs of the Day:

1.  Enrolling others in my life.

2.  Sunshine and warm weather.

3.  Riding my bike 15 miles.

4.  Bringing cookies to a woman that turned 91.

5.  Feeling full from the cookies, peanut butter, and chocolate eaten the night prior.  (This would normally be a low, but I turned this into a high!)

Lows of the Day:


Music of the Day:

Journey, Journey, Journey.  Just saying their names brings you on a “journey” of imagination, but try seeing them in concert.  I had the pleasure of doing so with a highschool boyfriend of mine that was really “into” them.  We saw them at the Iowa State Fair in 2002 I believe.  Uh oh, I hope I didn’t put an age on myself with that statement.  Anyway, they rocked the kernals off the corn, nonetheless.  Classic, truly a classic.

Blog of the Day:

The pictures in this blog are amaaazing.  I love how they have photos as the main focus of the blog, hence the title, “The Big Picture.”  The photo that grabbed my attention on there today was this one:     

It reminded me of my all time favorite photo that I took, entitled “Luscious Lips”.  Hey, do you think the photographer could have been inspired by my photo?  Chances are, probably not; but hey, you never know!  I’ll let you be the judge!


Other Inspiration:

These are definitely the most creative websites I have ever seen.  Be sure to check out the one on the top right of the photo shown above; it’s a trip!

Quotes For the Day:    (New category to the repitoire.)

“It’s not that I don’t like you….”     -Sam Marquez, my co-worker

“Hey! Finally got to try some blue agave nectar in my tea, not too shabby, kinda like pancake syrup fused with a honeycomb during a crazy night involving many shots of tequila :)”  -R.B Brummond, longtime  friend

i can take crazy. i eat, breathe, sleep, crazy. i have crazy for breakfast! i make others feel calm i’m so crazy. sometimes i’m so crazy i spell it with a K! Krazy dont stand a chance next to this 🙂  -Jill Goldman, one-of-kind person & friend

When the Highs Outweigh the Lows

Highs of the Day: 

1.  Eating my morning banana.

2.  Drinking a double espresso con panna.

3.  Riding my bike towards head on traffic while feeling high as a kite from my espresso and lack of lunch.  (No worries, I was on the sidewalk!)

4.  Coming home to dinner and a clean house.

5.  Being greeted at the door from my daughter.

Lows of the Day:

1.  Forgetting to restock the paper towels in the bathroom before leaving to go on my break.

2.  Forgetting to bring my office key with me, which left me locked out for 20 min.

Music of the Day:

I was recently introduced to “The Fabulous Flippers”, which was a band based out of Kansas and took the Midwest by storm throughout the 60’s.  Being from the Midwest, I immediately found myself having a connection with these dudes.  Even despite that, what they brought to the table was just incredible in my opinion.  Just watch them do the shuffle! 

Good luck competing with that modern bands!

Blog of the Day:

I came across this blog when perusing my fellow friend Google.  This site is very informative and I feel this guy really knows his shit about getting bands marketed before they are signed.  I myself am not in a band but I am with a musician and have been an avid music lover since the day I heard Hendrix and Led Zeppelin. 

Other Inspiration For the Day:

Alex Steinweiss did the most incredible album art known to this day in my opinion.  Now this is real artwork people!  To be frank, I really don’t care what your band looks like!  I want to see how creative you really are by what you have on your album cover and how you sound!